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Dreaming of Lake Fanny Hooe

June is National Camping Month and National Great Outdoors Month!

After months of sticking close to home due to COVID-19, how many of you are ready to go exploring?

I have a confession:

The last time I pitched a tent, gathered kindling for a bonfire and sipped coffee while watching the sunrise was over twenty years ago with college friends near Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan. I'm ashamed that it's been so long since I escaped the city and bonded with nature for more than a few hours at a time. So many of my favorite memories are connected to time spent outdoors with family and friends.

The summers I spent with my family in Copper Harbor, MI, in particular, hold some of my favorite childhood memories. Watching the sunset over Lake Superior from the porch of the cabin my parents rented out each summer. Flying around the curves of the dirt road that led up to Lake Fanny Hooe on my bike. Driving to the local garbage dump and watching (from a safe distance) the bears forage for food. (Thanks, Dad!) Spending time in nature is good for the soul.

But with the good there is a little not-so-good -- I'm talking about insect bites and sunburn. If you're anything like me, you don't always get immediate relief from pain and discomfort using conventional treatments like Benedryl, After Bite, or Aloe Vera. Sometimes it takes more than a couple of applications to just get the itching or burning under control -- and sometimes it can take weeks before you're 100% healed.

My friend Danielle is a regular target of biting insects -- particularly mosquitoes. Her body's response to the bites results in large angry red welts and intense itching that only exacerbates the inflammatory reaction. She wasn't having much luck with conventional anti-itching treatments and was getting desperate for some relief. I suggested she try applying our RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ Healing Serum for First Aid to her bites. It probably took her longer to realize the itching was gone than it took to resolve it. After just one application she was hooked on the Diamondized™ life.

In her words:

" I have RELIEF!™ [First Aid] and I use it on the bug bites. It reduces the itching drastically but even better it shortens the length of time the bite lasts for and prevents those crazy red marks from setting in on my skin. This has been my life saver..."

So let's talk about sunburns for a minute. Since I moved to Houston in 2005, my previously hard-to-burn, slightly olive skin has dealt with a few post-beach burns -- a couple intense enough that I could probably have fried an egg on my back. (I can't be the only one who forgets to reapply sunscreen every 3 hours or immediately after a swim, can I?) While I'm a huge fan of cold showers, plenty of water and Aloe Vera applied straight from the fridge -- I'm far too impatient to stay inside and wait for my body to heal itself. (The beach is less than an hour away and it's constantly calling me!) I apply a thin layer of our RELIEF!™ First Aid serum to the burn after applying Aloe Vera (and letting absorb in a little) and 24 hours later my skin is less red and I'm no longer radiating heat like a human furnace. The power of our nanodiamond crystals is absolutely magical!

So far 2020 is a year very few of us were prepared to handle. However, there will always be three constants in the world -- insect bites, sunburn and people who absolutely need to experience the Diamondized™ life!


June Promotion: Use code OUTDOORS25 to receive 25% off when you purchase two or more 10ml bottles of RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ Healing Serum First Aid. Code is good through 6/30/2020.

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