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Experience a "diamond boost" to conventional first aid treatment. Our RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ Healing Serum for First Aid may help stop pain and accelerate the body's natural healing process with the one-two punch of our detonation synthesis nanodiamond crystals and the known curative properties of Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil.


You may use RELIEF!™ First Aid as a treatment for many types of epidermal insults and other skin disturbances! We are continually surprised at the range of aiilments our customers report successfully treating.  Look for the list below to grow as more stories are shared!


Minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions


First and second-degree burns

Rashes and itching

Sinus pain




Insect stings/bites

Certain types of migraines


Good news! Continued use of RELIEF!™ First Aid will not cause any known harm. 


  • There are no systemic effects with repeated use.  Nanodiamond crystals clear from your body by macrophages, a natural process.
  • There are no known side effects or allergies to nanodiamond crystals.
  • SBB Oil Allergy: Although intolerance to SBB oil has not been reported, you can test yourself by applying a small amount to an unaffected area of skin and wait twenty (20) minutes. Do not use or stop using this product if you experience redness or itching.  Consult a doctor if these conditions persist or worsen.
  • Flush eyes with water if you accidentally get this product in your eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep bottle out of direct heat or sunlight.


For more information please download the Product Data Sheet below. As with any new product, you may have questions or concerns that are not addressed on our website or other documentation. We encourage you to contact us by email or phone to determine if this product is right for you. 


Available only in 10ml roller ball.

*Discount available for bulk orders. Please contact us for more information. 

RELIEF!™ First Aid

  • Size: 10 ml 


    Type: Roller


    Active Ingredient(s):

    Government-Certified Food-Grade Detonation Synthesis Nanodiamond Crystals


    Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil


    Other Ingredient(s): N/A


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