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World Spine Day 2020 - A personal story

Since 2012, the World Federation of Chiropractic has been coordinating World Spine Day in collaboration with organizations around the world to raise awareness around the prevention and effective management of spinal conditions. World Spine Day is also personal to our social media and marketing manager, Sarah, who knows first-hand how poor spine health can lead to serious injury. She also knows first-hand that using products containing nanodiamonds can significantly contribute to a more complete recovery. We hope sharing her story will help motivate you to get active, remember your posture, and reach for your bottle of little diamond magic whenever pain interferes with your plans.

Here is her story in her own words:

About four years ago I was riding shotgun in my boyfriend's truck when we collided with an other truck on a major freeway made slick by a sudden rain storm that ended just minutes earlier. The other truck swerved in front of us suddenly with no warning. I remember Matt telling me to hang on and the next moment - SMACK! The trucks made contact hard enough to deploy our airbags. The moments immediately after the collision are a little jumbled but I do recall fighting off a panic attack, slowly exiting the truck, refusing medical attention and the ambulance ride and knowing immediately I likely suffered whiplash. The next morning wouldn't be fun.

Sure enough, the next morning I experienced neck stiffness, limited mobility and a whole lot of pain. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor immediately who confirmed whiplash after evaluating an x-ray of neck and upper back. I began four weeks of physical therapy, three sessions each week. I diligently performed all the recommended exercises in between sessions but still the pain and stiffness persisted.

Enter my father (and president of NanoMPI) who gave me a bottle of serum he was using to treat his arthritis. He said the bottle contained nanodiamonds suspended in glycerin -- what we now call RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ Joint Pain healing serum -- and it would help alleviate the pain and probably improve my range of motion with time. He gave me explicit instructions to apply twice a day until the pain goes away and then keep using it for at least two weeks more. (This is important to remember as you're reading the rest of this story.)

Much like many of my customers out there who subsequently tried this same product, I was skeptical -- nanodiamonds, what? -- but the reduced mobility in my neck eventually won out. I started applying small amounts of this serum to the painful area along my spine as instructed -- almost every day. (I'm not great at consistency if you hadn't noticed. ) After about a week or two the pain diminished to nothing more than a dull throb. Eventually, maybe four or five months after the accident, the range of motion in my neck improved visibly. I could finally drive again with almost no discomfort!

Of course, that's about the time I quit using the product. Remember my father's instructions? Keep applying it for at least two weeks after you stop feeling pain. I didn't listen -- don't be like me.

We know through anecdotal evidence (our customers told us so) suggests that with consistent long-term use, nanodiamonds appear to help your body repair the damage to a point where it looks (and feels) like the injury never occurred. I didn't follow directions, so every so often the stiffness returns along with some dull pain -- and I find myself reaching for my bottle of magic.

The theme of this year's World Spine Day is Back On Track and it is a response to the months and months of lockdown restrictions due to the #coronavirus pandemic that discouraged physical activity.

What are your plans to reactivate and revitalize your body? Me? I live in the greater Houston, TX area. The weather is finally starting to cool off so I'm gearing up to add more miles to my daily walks with Bella, our rescue pup (pictured right). I anticipate feeling the good kind of sore for the next several weeks so I'm leaving my bottle of RELIEF!™ on the table next to my comfy chair in my living room where I can't miss it.

If pain, inflammation and stiffness are currently preventing you from getting physically active and your current treatment plan isn't working as well as you like -- might I suggest adding a little diamond?


I'm not just sharing my story here to entice you to try our products -- though I think you should. Don't forget to tune into our Facebook page where I'll also be sharing tips and resources to help you and your spine get strong. Don't forget to follow us!

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