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Behind The Diamonds

Our entry into the world of detonation synthesis nanodiamonds began with a series of conversations with our business partners in Eastern Europe.  Their team of researchers developed and sold a wide range of nanodiamond-based products for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. During one conversation, we learned they sold a burn treatment serum, developed by Dr. Lyudmyla V. Derymedvid, MD, Head of Research, Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Medical Toxicology, that used nanodiamonds mixed with a classic folk remedy, known throughout Eastern Europe, China and India, called Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil.

In 2014, our president and now former rheumatoid arthritis sufferer, Marshall Weingarden, had an attack of rheumatoid arthritis in the second knuckle of his ring finger.  In the past, Marshall used exercise to combat these painful bouts.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, he waited too long to begin the exercise regimen and it didn’t work. The attack grew worse, the knuckle swelled, and a classic rheumatoid arthritis deposit began to form in the joint, producing a “click” when he bent the finger.

Seeking alternative treatment for his rheumatoid arthritis, Marshall thought about the burn treatment serum.  He decided to try the product on his knuckle and requested a bottle.  He began by applying the serum to his finger two or three times daily.  He first noticed a significant reduction in pain and inflammation fairly quickly.  He continued to apply the serum long after the pain subsided and, within two months, the rheumatoid arthritis was gone!  The joint shrank to normal size and the deposit had disappeared. Success!

This left one question: Was it the nanodiamonds or the Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil that had been the source of the cure?


He didn’t have to wait long to find out…but this story takes a bit of a detour.

Using his own success story as a launching pad, Marshall began giving bottles of the serum to people he knew  who were suffering from a variety of painful conditions, from back problems to severe rheumatoid arthritis with huge deposits.  They dutifully applied the mixture to the affected areas of their bodies and every single user experienced relief from their pain relatively quickly and for extended periods of time.

Here's the kicker -- Without any encouragement, these pioneers began using this serum to treat a myriad of different conditions from old scars to pregnancy mask to insect bites and rashes from poison ivy.  In time, they were rewarded with new successes which they generously reported back to Marshall.  This initial group helped rebrand this serum from a simple burn treatment to today's RELIEF!™ First Aid formula.

Now let's get back to answering the important question posed earlier -- What is the source of the cure?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that likes to mirror its attacks elsewhere in the body. In Marshall's case its next attack was on the index finger on his right hand.  He seized the opportunity to determine the role nanodiamonds played in relieving the pain and inflammation (and ultimately the reversal of damage) from his last arthritic bout. Requesting a new mixture containing only nanodiamonds and food-grade glycerin, Marshall applied this mixture exactly as he had with the burn treatment serum.  Once again, the pain and inflammation diminished and the joint returned to its normal size with continued use. ..and the rheumatoid arthritis has never returned.

Conclusion: The nanodiamonds were responsible.

Once again, Marshall distributed this new blend to others.  And once again. these early pioneers (including Marshall!) began applying it externally to anything that caused them pain -- arthritis, knee pain, migraine headaches, swollen glands and more! In each new testimonial reported, users always commented on how quickly the pain and inflammation receded.  In short, a second diamondized™ healing serum was born. RELIEF!™ Joint Pain formula is currently our most popular and widely used product.

Do you have your own RELIEF!™ experience you wish to share with us? Visit our growing testimonial section and click the pink button to share your story! 

Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Marshall Weingarden

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Sarah Weingarden

Southwest Regional Manager

Sales & Marketing

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John Bonanno

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Northeast Regional Sales Manager

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Beverly White

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Medical Massage/Bodywork Professional and Owner of 

Beverly's Therapies

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