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Will Nanodiamonds Make My Skin Sparkle?

Every conversation we start about our RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ healing serums begins with one question:

What is a nanodiamond? (And will my skin sparkle where I apply your serum?)

Today we are going to explain the similarities and differences between a nanodiamond (a type of material) and a diamond (the mineral we polish up and put in jewelry).

Let's start by thinking of a nanodiamond like a very distant cousin of the more familiar sparkly diamond.

  • Both are carbon-based, chemically stable and extremely hard.

  • Both are created under similar pressure and temperature conditions.

And that's about where the similarities stop.

Where the similarities stop, the power begins -

At their base level, nanodiamonds are carbon-based particles (or crystals) covered in facets (similar to soccer balls) so tiny, you cannot see a single one alone even under the most powerful of microscopes. Truth be told -- you don't really want to even see a collection of nanodiamonds unless you enjoy looking at a pile of grey-ish powder. A very powerful pile of powder, I might add.

While the presence of our nanodiamonds won't cause your skin to sparkle after you apply any of our RELIEF!™ Diamondized™ healing serums, you may notice certain improvements somewhat quickly:

  • Reduction of inflammation and/or redness

  • Pain relief around the affected area (if applicable)

  • Accelerated healing response (after several applications)

  • Softer and/or more supple skin tone (with long-term consistent use)

So how does a pile of powder-like nanodiamonds deliver all of this?

Ahhh... the big question. How does a particle or group of particles so tiny deliver such big results? The short, non-technical answer..... doesn't exist. Unfortunately, we will have to slog through and define some unfamiliar language in order to arrive at the answer.

The chart below summarizes key characteristics of our nanodiamonds that make our healing serums work so effectively:

In our next blog post, we will look at how these characteristics will help take skin care products to the Diamondized™ level and we will introduce you to beauty and skin care companies that have already begun to experiment with nanoparticles in their product lines.

Meanwhile, consult our Learning Center for more technical documentation, research articles and frequently-asked questions.

Till next time!


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