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Are you interested in experiencing the healing benefits of CBD products but nervous about product quality including possible THC contamination? We have the answer right here! 


This is our advanced Diamondized Hemp Seed Oil formula that is 100% THC-free. Our customers use this serum to help boost the body's natural healing response to address really tough cases of chronic pain and inflammation. 


Food-grade hemp seed oil (available in many natural food stores for years) is known to reduce inflammation and boost your body's immune system.  Together with our detonation synthesis nanodiamonds, you could be enjoying a pain-free life quicker and without any of the known negative side effects you experience with conventional medicine. Results may vary and are not guaranteed. (But we know this first-hand and will be happy to refund your money if the product does not perform as described when used as directed.) Remember: Patience and consistency are keys!


Please download the product data sheet below to learn more about this product. Contact us at (248) 529-3873 with any questions. 

RELIEF!™ Hemp Seed Oil - Professional Size

  • Size: 59ml

    Type: Bottle

    Active Ingredient: Government-Certified Food-Grade Detonation Synthesis Nanodiamond Crystals and Food-Grade Hemp Seed Oil

    Other Ingredient(s): N/A

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